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Filterscript TDEditor - New TextDraw creator with Preview models.

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Moved to GitHub: https://github.com/adri1samp/TDEditor

[Image: W6qNTlDSkYA.jpg]


The authors:
Romzes is the developer of the current modification.
adri1 is the author of the original version.

Current version TDEditor v2.3 Download here


Change fix
Everything is fully translated into Russian.
Added the ability to add comments to each of the textdraw separately.
(You need to click the mouse wheel on the Text icon)
Added the ability to hide each textdraw separately.
(You need to press SHIFT + H)
Added a list of standard sprites.
Added support for Russian text in textdraw.
(Only for input through the dialog box, only English text is typed from the keyboard.)
Added the ability to select or deselect all textdraw at once.
A confirmation window has been added for exporting, deleting and copying.
The group editing mode has been reworked, it has become more convenient and more features have appeared.
(To enter it, right-click on the Manage icon)
Fixed a bug when buttons from the keyboard were pressed in a minimized game.
In view mode, the toolbar is completely hidden.
Fixed a bug with the transfer toolbar.
Reworked the appearance of some dialog boxes.
Many small and not only bug fixes.
Fixed bug with saving Russian text to files.
Added support for Russian titles for projects.
Slightly improved export projects.
You can set your own name for variables when exporting.
Added support for custom objects 0.3.8.

CTRL + N - Create a TextDraw.
CTRL + X - Delete TextDraw.
CTRL + C - Copy TextDraw.
CTRL + H - Hide TextDraw.
CTRL + I - Information about TextDraw.
CTRL + R - Turn on the red line.
CTRL + B - Move Control Panel.
END - Enter the view mode.
HOME - Enable pixel lock. (The position of the text of the game when moving will be rounded to a whole number
DELETE - Turn off group edit mode. (Only works if multiple textframes are selected)

[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYxV6S-sjbE]


You have to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) to run TDE

1. Download TDEditor
2. Copy TDE.pwn and TDE.amx to your filterscripts server folder.
3. Copy TDE.dll and sscanf.dll to your plugins server folder (create if you haven't)
4. Edit your server.cfg and add TDE in filterscripts, TDE and sscanf in plugins lines, example here.
5. Copy TDE.txd to C:/.../GTA San Andreas/models/txd
6. Download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)
7. Copy all .dll files from DLL Files folder to your main server folder
8. Open your server.[/LEFT]

Old versions
- (1.17) MediaFire (Contains .txd, plugins, source, TDEditor)
- (1.16) MediaFire (Contains .txd, plugins, source, TDEditor)
- (1.15) SolidFiles (Contains .txd, plugins, source, TDEditor)
- (1.14) SolidFiles (Contains .txd, plugins, source, TDEditor)
- (1.13) SolidFiles (Contains .txd, plugins, source, TDEditor)
- (1.12) SolidFiles (Contains .txd, plugins, source, TDEditor)
- (1.1) SolidFiles (Contains .txd, plugins, source, TDEditor)

1.18 - Add paths for projects and exports in scriptfiles
1.18 - AFK checker
1.18 - Negative objects models id in preview models for support 0.3.8 custom objects
1.18 - Export project system improved

1.17 - New edit mode (delta, group textdraw move)
1.17 - BUG FIXED: Sometimes, when you duplicate a TextDraw, duplicated textdraw disappears.
1.16 - PixelLock now works with TextDrawSize
1.16 - New and better GameTextPlayers info
1.16 - Textdraw duplication fixed
1.16 - /TDE Box fixed
1.16 - Position edition and dialog box size fixed
1.16 - Improvement on box sizing
1.15 - YSF is not necessary now, then, TDEditor works on 0.3.7 now.
1.14 - Added mirror feature when duplicating textdraw.
1.14 - Added pixel lock feature (Mouse movement will round to nearest whole values).
1.14 - Removed gametext display and changed with textdraw (gametext can get hidden behind textdraws).
1.14 - Pixel lock is home key.
1.13 - Add Key 'END' (/tde cursor if not works) to enable/disable SelectTextDraw on TDE.
1.13 - Fixed some bugs.
1.13 - If no more bugs, this is the latest version.
1.12 - Fixed 2 bugs with outline and shadow levels.
1.1 - Initial version 23/10/14


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