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  1. its totally working sry for making that post i just know how its working now Download: [Hidden Content]
  2. This is my aimware v5 luas and cfg Download: [Hidden Content]
  3. Updated: 09.04.2020 Have fun. VT: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/e7fcd4575eddc73380006b8dbfd0746a4c3c1def1ca0a96c5a5967894c9ffac1/detection Download: [Hidden Content]
  4. Cerinte Minim 14 ani Minim 50 de ore pe CS:GO Minim 1 ora jucata pe server Un limbaj si un comportament adecvat Model Nick: Varsta: Ore jucate: SteamID numeric: Experienta:
  5. Aveti voie sa purtati discutii off-topic daca nu deranjati pe nimeni. Daca un jucator/staff va spune sa incetati trebuie sa va opriti. Exista Discord unde puteti purta discutiile off-topic. Sanctiune: Mute/Gag Nu aveti voie sa injurati o persoana din staff. Sanctiune: Mute/Gag Codatii se anunta doar pe U@ (admin chat), nu anuntati pe voice chat / chat. Sanctiune: Mute/Gag Nu aveti voie sa aduceti comentarii la adresa staff-ului. Sanctiuni: Mute / Gag Nu aveti voie sa redati muzica/urlete in microfon. Sanctiune: Mute Nu aveti voie sa vorbi
  6. Moved to GitHub: https://github.com/adri1samp/TDEditor The authors: Romzes is the developer of the current modification. adri1 is the author of the original version. Current version TDEditor v2.3 Download here Change fix Everything is fully translated into Russian. Added the ability to add comments to each of the textdraw separately. (You need to click the mouse wheel on the Text icon) Added the ability to hide each textdraw separately. (You need to press SHIFT + H) Added a list of standard sprites. Added support for Russian text in textd

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